• How To Make a Gazebo Surprise Keepsake

    Please be aware that when you are making a product like this where there are slots and interlocking pieces to put together that the card weight and thickness will have an effect on the width of the slots needed. If you find that you have to force anything into or through a slot, adjust the slots, make them slightly wider if necessary. Forcing things into or through slots will cause distortion and warping of your project. Weight and thickness of card can also have an effect on the depth and width of the scoring and folding, so when applying outer or inner panels you may have to adjust them also. So use the slot markings as a positional guide, and try everything for size first before you apply glue.

    Here's how to make one of my Gazebo Surprise Keepsakes

    Start by printing off all sheets on good quality card. I have made this keepsake up in both 200 gsm and 250 gsm super smooth card and both work beautifully. However the weight of the card will have a bearing on all the lining panels & strips so check these for size before applying glue and trim if necessary. I would recommend using a high tack wet glue for this project.

    Cut out all elements but do not cut out any apertures or slots at this point. Glue the stiffener panels to the back of panels 1 & 2 as indicated on sheets.

    Now make up the mini boxes - score & M fold the inner lines on the mini box base then glue the corner strips to form the box base. Fix the base liner in place followed by the side liners.

    Cut the slot in the mini box lid

    Make up the mini box lid in the same manner as the base but do not fix the liners yet. Score & V fold the tab lines on a pair of the mini box toppers then glue the toppers back to back but do not glue the tabs.

    Pass the tabs of the topper through the slot in the mini box lid and glue in place on the inside of the mini box lid.
    Now glue the lid liner in place followed by the inner lid edges. Apply the decoupage to the mini box topper.

    Make up the rest of the mini boxes, have the toppers in pairs facing in opposite directions.

    Now go back to panels 1 & 2 and cut out the apertures on all four pieces. I like to leave a narrow white border around the inside edge of the apertures. Glue each panel back to back with its mirror image, but do not glue the long tabs together. Cut the line at the top of panel 1 and cut out the slots in the base of both panels. Score the tab lines and then interlock the two panels.

    Take the plinth base and cut the four slot lines where indicated on the sheet, score & M fold all inner lines and cut a wedge out of each corner form into a "box lid" by gluing the corner tabs in place.

    Take the main base inner panels and cut the four centre slots as indicated on the sheet then score & V fold the base and the end tab lines. Cut the slot marks out completely to allow the long tabs on panels 1 & 2 to be passed through.

    Apply glue to one of the end tabs and fix this to another panel, fold it over to ensure that it is square and reburnish the fold if necessary.

    Repeat this with the other 2 panels

    Pass the long tabs of panels 1 & 2 through the slots in the main base panels

    Take the plinth and pass the base tabs of the main base panels through the four slots in the top. Place the four mini boxes into the base (this will help to keep everything square.)

    Push the main base sections hard up against the mini boxes and open up the long tabs on panels 1 & 2 like split pins and glue these in place, then glue the final end tab on the last panel of the main base section into place.

    Turn your project onto its side and glue the base panels of the main base sections into place on the underside o the plinth.

    Fix the plinth inner panel in place to hide the tabs, checking for size before applying glue, then fix the inner edge strips in place.

    Add the main base front panels. Secure the loose top edges by running a glue stick along the cut edges and fixing them in place to the other panel. Glue the plinth edge strips in place and decoupage the greeting strip of your choice (Do not use any more than 2mm foam pads for this or your project wont fit into its box) Add the rest of the decoupage and your Gazebo Surprise is complete.
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