Designer's FAQ

Hereís some of our frequently ask questions;

How many items can I upload for each item I sell?

You can upload 1 zip file, how many items you have in that file is up to you as long as the file is no larger than 40megs.

What type of file extension can I make?

You can make any type of image as long as itís in a zip file; here are some examples, PSD, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, GSD, KNK,SVG,WPC. If you're making a printable sheet it's to save it as a Jpeg!!

Can I sell items that Iím selling on my own website?

Yes you can.

Can I link to my website?

You can link to your website on your profile page but not in your product listings.

Go to your Designer Suite and hover over the 'USER CP' and then click on 'UPDATE PROFILE'

You can add a profile picture of yourself or your banner if you wish. (150px x 150px)

You can also add the following;
Your own website link (not a multi vendor)
Your own Email Address
Your own Facebook Page
Your own Twitter
Your own Google+
Your own Linked In
Your own Blog
Your own You Tube Channel

Please follow these simple rules when using the designer profile;

We are happy for you to add your own banners and links but only if you do it with the tools we have given you, No outside links in the profile description, please use the provided link boxes!

If you use the link boxes it must be to YOUR OWN website, Email Address, Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Blog, You Tube Channel etc.. (no multi vendor websites and no links to friends pages)

Can I sell my items on other internet website?

We donít mind you selling your designs on other internet website as the designs you create belong to you.

What type of downloads can i sell?

You can sell any craft download, Card Making Scrapbooking Or Altered Art.

How Do I Upload?

Log in to your Designer Suite and simply follow the on screen instructions, there really easy but if you get stuck give me a shout,

Here's some basic instructions;

1. On the first screen you will be asked to add your JPEG image preview, this will be the picture that appears on the website, try and stick to the two image preview I sent you or there about size!!

2. On the next screen you will be asked for your item title and description and the price,

3. On the last screen you will be asked to upload the item your are selling, this will be the item that the customer downloads when the buy the item you have for sale, this has to be a zip file, You can upload 1 zip file, how many items you have in that file is up to you as long as the file is no larger than 40megs.

Do I Have To Have Free Items On The Site?

NO you don't have to have freebies on the site but having a freebie is a good way of letting customers see your work and this also helps to sell your downloads.

How Many Freebies Can I Have?

As many as you wish, but every now and again we will go through them so we don't get over run with free items.

Can I Add A Photo Of A Card I Made To My Item For Sale

If you sign into your Designer Suite you can now add your own Example Cards.

To add a photo go to your Designer Suite and click on product example images, you can add up to 6 images per download,

Once you have uploaded the photo you can chose if you would like customers to comment or not, if you allow comments customers will be able to leave a comment when they are signed into their account, if a comment is added on your card you will be notified by email so you can read what they have put and if necessary ask me to edit or remove it. I will also be notified of the comment so if I think the comment is not suitable I will remove it.

If a forum member has made a card using your download and uploaded it to their gallery Iím happy for you to add the picture to the product as long as you ask for their permission.

You can also add your photos to the forum gallery, simply pop over to the designer showcase in the forum and upload your photo and were do the rest, once a week we add all the additional photos to the website for you, The only thing we ask you to do is to add the website link to the product in the description when you upload the photo so we can find the item faster,
Click here to go to the designer showcase.

Can I Put Some Of My Items On Special

Yes you can put 10 items a week on special offer

To add a special go to your Designer Suite and click on make special offer, If you want to remove the special you just click on same button again to remove it.

You can chose the price you would like to offer them at but please don't go lower than 50% off.

They will automatically expire after 7 days so you don't need to remove them unless you want to. However you can add/remove them at any time.

The best time to add them will be Wednesday/Thursday, the cut off time to reach the specials newsletter is every Thursday at 10pm.
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