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Neverending Card Templates

Step By Step Instructions How to Assemble a Neverending Card

For this demonstration I'm using the GSD Cutting File - Neverending Card Templates, however the same principle applies if you are using the jpeg template files.

Whether you are using the GSD Cutting file or the Jpeg Print and Cut template files, you will need to begin by choosing 2 different background colours/designs.

As you see both the back and front of the base card whilst turning, you will need to print your design to both sides of the card for the base elements, or choose a double sided card, before cutting out the template.

If you are using the Jpeg version - Print your backing paper on both sides, or using a double sided cardstock, print the 4 templates for your base card. Then print the templates for your toppers onto your 2nd background card, you will not need these to be double sided.

If you are using the GSD template, print your backing paper on both sides or using a double sided cardstock, cut the base card templates. Only a single sided card is required for the topper elements.

Now all of your elements have been printed and cut, fold and score the base card elements.

Put your topper elements to one side for the moment.

The first 2 of your base cards will lay horizontally, one on top of the other. Add double sided tape (DST) to the top right and left hand corners of the upper element, and the bottom right and left hand corners of the lower element.

The remaining 2 base card elements are attached to the bottom cards vertically.

Move the lower horizontal element to one side for a moment, line up the first vertical element with the top right hand corner of the upper horizontal layer, and stick. (I have digitally altered the colour of this layer to make it easier to see).

Now stick the bottom right hand corner of this vertical layer to the bottom right hand corner of your lower horizontal layer.

Repeat for the final vertical layer on the left hand side. (the original colour of my card has been restored)

The image above shows the very front of the card – this is where your first set of toppers will be placed.

Before we can add the toppers though you will need to ‘bed’ in the folds for your base card. Starting from the front of the card, fold the 2 vertical elements towards the back of the card.

Once opened, go along the card creases with a bone-folder to make opening the card easier.

Now from this second layer fold the card from the horizontal divide towards the back of the card. The 4 smaller corner squares will also fold backwards.

Again, make sure you bed in the creases for these folds.

From this layer, you will fold the card backwards from the vertical divide.

It is very unlikely that any folds from here will need re-creasing, but do so if you feel it is necessary.

You are now on the final layer of your card. To return to the front, you would fold the card backwards from the horizontal divide.

Now your card’s all ready to decorate.

Whether you choose to decorate your toppers before adding them, or add them and decorate them afterwards is completely up to you. For this demonstration I will be using plain toppers.

For your first layer you will need 2 large square and 4 rectangle toppers

Your second layer will need 2 large square, 4 small square and 2 rectangle toppers. (It is worth noting that the 2 rectangular toppers will also be shown on the following layer)

Your third layer will need 2 rectangle and 4 small square toppers

(I find it easier to add the small square toppers to the card base first as this helps to line up the central rectangular toppers)

The final layer will need 2 large square and 4 rectangle toppers

And there you have it, your Neverending card is complete.

Here’s an example of a card I made for my Sister-in-law. These cards lend themselves perfectly to adding small photos.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact me via the forum.

I hope you have as much fun designing your Neverending masterpiece, as I did creating the templates for them. Debbie Lauder :)
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